You are 

the X Factor

The Contributing X Factor 

Unity for You
You can contribute to the movement and join if you are: 
  • a musician who wants to create your very own cover
  • a filmmaker who wants to use the music as soundtrack or record music videos for the new covers 
  • a graphic designer who wants to create art work
  • an influencer/blogger who wants to spread the word with your followers
  • a dancer who wants to create a dance and launch dance challenges
  • a marketer who wants to support our grassroot campaigning
  • a corporate professional with incredible office skills 
  • a translator who speaks and writes in any languages spoken across the Diaspora
  • a community organizer who wants to galvanize people and get them to join the movement 
  • a technologist or a tech-entrepreneur who believes technology is a growth multiplier 
  • a media company with TV, Radio, Print or other outlets to promote the music videos, interview artists and much more 
  • a corporate sponsor (across sectors) 
  • an institutional partner