Featured Musicians  

We will be updating this page with musicians who have signed up to cover the Unity Umoja song.


In the meantime, while you are browsing and if you are interested in being  one of the musicians, just check the procedure below. Or check back the Creative page for more info. 

Criteria for the musicians

  1. Very skillful and talented artist (voice or instrument)

  2. Relatively decent following on social media

  3. Relatively decent views numbers on YouTube

  4. No history of violence against women or any groups of people or any criminal activity

  5. Strong interest in your native culture and music


Reaching Out

By Email: send an email here  

Titled: Umoja One Love Africa Cover + your country name + your artist name

Add your own material for review . You should receive a feedback within 48 hours.

The legalities and the production process will be clarified to you during our first discussion.