There is no movement without music. Alan

The Music 


The Concept Story

Unity (Umoja)
Unity (Umoja) is a convergence of raw musical talents who came together to create a blend of rhythms from different parts of the African diaspora.

The idea behind the tune is to build bridges across the African diaspora through music, to encourage more transatlantic collaborations, to create revenues streams and monetization opportunities for undiscovered talents.
The paramount goal is to contribute to the African economic growth by boosting initiatives in the creative sector.
Unity is to become the rallying anthem for everyone who has Africa's wellbeing and sustainability at heart.
One Love for Africa
The overall objective of the Unity (Umoja) Initiative is to help promote local African and Caribbean music styles and shed lights on unique take on music and talents that seldom get an opportunity to shine. 
The Unity (Umoja) Initiative offers the opportunity to artists to record a localized version of the Unity (Umoja) song thus transforming the original tune into a version that has rhythms and flavors specific to their country, city or region of origin. 
Furthermore, the Unity (Umoja) Initiative encourages collaborations between artists from different regions and countries, similarly, multiple artists can offer to cover together the Unity (Umoja) song in one take. We are happy to facilitate the process and help with technical arrangements. 
Through the marketing and grassroot promotional efforts attached to the Unity (Umoja) project, the new versions of the Unity (Umoja) song will be promoted across the globe allowing people do discover or rediscover new musical genres and fusions.